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10" Non-Stick Skillet

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Our non-stick pan is currently sold out. However, it is still available in our Full Set

This non-stick pan is perfect for cooking eggs or other ingredients that tend to stick to traditional stainless steel pans. The unique honeycomb pattern creates a highly effective and durable non-stick surface that’s also incredibly easy to clean.

Eggs any way (scrambled, fried, omelets, etc.)


Anything that typically sticks to stainless steel surfaces

Made in Italy

5-Ply construction

18/10 stainless-steel

Induction compatible

Dishwasher and oven safe

PFOA free

Lid available for purchase

Hollow, heat-resistant handles

Curved edges for easy pouring and tossing

Unlike our stainless steel products, pans with non-stick surfaces are more susceptible to damage, such as chipping or scratching, if not properly cared for. Although our honeycomb surface is more durable than most non-stick pans, it still needs proper care and attention. Never use metal utensils, and instead only use silicone or wood utensils, which will not scratch the surface. Also, never use abrasive cleaning products, such as steel wool or bleach. You’ll see that this pan is so easy to clean that you won’t need anything more than water and a towel. With the right care, your pan will maintain its integrity for years to come.

Want more information about how to best care for your products? Check out our Care Guide

17.5” x 10.3” x 2.0" (includes handle)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our highly effective non-stick surface creates a pan that is incredibly easy to clean. Although our non-stick pans are dishwasher safe, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to clean this pan in seconds with nothing more than water, dish soap, and a soft towel.

Our stainless-steel infused non-stick coating is also reinforced with an additional “honeycomb” layer, which creates an even more effective and durable non-stick surface. Honeycomb is a naturally occurring pattern, known for its strength and durability, that is often used by engineers when designing things like airplane wings and satellite walls. Why not bring this technology to your kitchen? Our unique honeycomb design creates a non-stick surface unlike anything you’ve ever used. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also easy on the eyes.

We learned that the key to a highly effective and long-lasting non-stick pan lies in using an extremely durable non-stick surface. Our non-stick pans use a coating that is infused with stainless steel particles, creating a surface that has the toughness of a stainless steel pan and the non-stick capabilities you’re looking for. On top of that, we added even more durability by using an additional layer that has our unique honeycomb design—a naturally occurring pattern prized for its strength and resilience. The result is the most durable non-stick pan you will ever use. It will last longer, and stay effective longer, than other non-stick pans on the market. And because our non-stick pan is more affordable than the expensive non-stick pans you’re familiar with, you’ll actually save money by buying our more durable and long-lasting option.

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Customer Reviews
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Erika Stuyvesant verified customer review of Full Set

Bobby Flay made me do it!

I found Sardel through a post on social media by Bobby Flay (whom I’ve been a long time fan of). I had been in need of a new set of pots and pans and just wasn’t ready to make a decision and lay down a boat load of money for a mass produced set that would likely underwhelm me. Well, queue the perfect timing, because Bobby’s post mentioned their amazing Cyber Monday deal so after a quick perusing of their website I jumped on ordering. Reading about the process and the personal touches that go into each piece was what sold me. Shipping was relatively quick and I was over the moon when I opened up the shipping box to find each piece neatly boxed up. I oooed and ahhhed as I opened each shiny new piece! Fast forward two months and I’ve been cooking up a storm with my full set - the quality of these is superb! Each pan holds and evenly distributes heat and the weight and style of the handles makes my cooking that much easier. So happy I found Sardel and have been telling friends and family to check them out! I will be a Sardel customer for life!

Erika S.
United States United States

Loving My Pots

Great! I purchased the set plus a additional pot.We Have a large family. They are sturdy and beautifully crafted with perfection. Cleaing is very easy. .Customer service is wonderful. Best investment I've made in a while Chastity

Chastity R.
United States United States


Great! I purchased the set plus a additional pot.We Have a large family. They are sturdy and beautifully crafted with perfection. Cleaing is very easy. A great pot set needs love and care. Best investment I've made in a while Chastity

Chastity R.
United States United States

Nice just got nicer!

We’ve had high end cookware in the past. We are impressed with the quality, even heating, ease of cleaning and customer service. Highly recommend. We are so glad we chose Sardel!

Maryann L.
United States United States


I cook a lot and have had my pans for 38 years, since I'm married. One of my favorite ones had to be thrown out and I didn't think I would find anything like what I had. I looked for my original pans from Italy but couldn't find anything. I tried several "big" names but returned them. Read something about Sardel and ordered one. Let me get to the point. I absolutely LOVE it. It cooks evenly and everything comes out fabulous. Its my go-to pan now and I would recommend these pans to everyone...trust me, I'm picky.

United States United States

Sardel has changed my whole day!

I have never used a skillet like this -- it fundamentally changes the way I cook my food. I am an egg guy, and this is just a world apart from any other skillet I've used for eggs of all styles. We've also had a lot of success with fish and veggies. I hung the skillet in my kitchen and it's now the centerpiece of my cookware.

A Sardel Customer
Russell T.
United States United States