Ask A Chef Featuring Scott Cavagnaro (Chef Cava)


As part of our Ask A Chef Series, we chatted with NYC-based chef Scott Cavagnaro (Chef Cava) to learn more about his culinary favorites and gather his tips for home chefs. 

Chef Cava is a classically trained chef and a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, who began cooking professionally as a line cook at the famed New York City French restaurant, La Grenouille. While working at La Grenouille, the restaurant received 3 stars from the New York Times. After La Grenouille, he spent time cooking for several restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan before switching his focus to private dining and pop-up dinners. 


What is the best thing you ever ate?

The choose your own adventure duck course at Alinea

What restaurant do you love eating at the most?

Misi (in NYC)

What is one restaurant you haven’t been to but want to try?


What is the most underrated food city?

Palermo and other popular spots in Sicily are known for good food but some of the best meals I had was in a town called Sciacca on the southwest coast. It’s an unassuming working class fishing town with some of the best food I’ve ever had. It was a very unexpected surprise!

What is one ingredient you can’t live without?


What is your go-to dish to cook at home?

Red Sauce

What is the best advice you can give to home cooks?

Organize your ingredients before you start cooking

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