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"This Italian Cookware’s Nonstick Skillet Is a Kitchen Game Changer"
"Sardel is the new cool-kid cooking name on the block, offering high-quality stainless steel essentials."
"This is one of the most nonsticky nonstick skillets I’ve ever used."

Where It's Made

We’ve traveled Italy searching for local manufacturers and producers of high-quality products, carefully selecting our partners, including the third-generation factory we’ve partnered with to create our cookware. We are proud to work with these family businesses to bring the taste of Italy to your kitchen.

Our Design

We work closely with our manufacturing partners in Italy to design high-quality products. From our hollow heat resistant handles to our unique honeycomb pattern on our non-stick cookware.

Honeycomb Design

Our stainless-steel infused non-stick coating is reinforced with a “honeycomb” layer, which creates an even more effective and durable non-stick surface.

We believe in working with families that have been doing it right for years.

Organic Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

100% Organic.

No added sugars, syrups or preservatives.

Produced in Puglia and Modena, Italy.