At Sardel, we partner with small family businesses to create products that are native to their local communities. We work with them closely and blend their traditional craftsmanship with a modern touch. 

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100% organic extra virgin olive oil, produced in Puglia, Italy. This blend of olive oil is made using local Coratina olives, grown on centuries-old trees that Puglia is known for.

Our olive oil has a unique balance of spice, fruitiness, and bitterness, which will enhance and accent the flavors of whatever it is you’re cooking.


Olive Wood Utensils

Italian olive wood utensils, which includes a rounded and flat-bottom spoon, are made in Umbria, Italy. We partnered with a second-generation business to produce our unique line of olive wood utensils. These versatile kitchen tools are perfect for sautéing, stirring, and performing a wide range of tasks in the kitchen. We designed them with a wide grip for easy handling, and an extended handle to keep your hand away from the heat.