Sardel x Roscioli Cooking Kit

Sardel x Roscioli Cooking Kit

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We partnered with the renowned restaurant Roscioli, based in Rome, to create an Italian cooking kit. Roscioli sources items from the best producers in Italy, and all of the products in the kit can be found in Roscioli’s restaurant kitchen.

What is included:

Olive oil from Lazio, Italy (250ml)

Tomato Puree with pulp from Puglia, Italy (400g)

Spaghetti from Umbria, Italy (24.7oz)  

Delicious food doesn't need to be complicated.

High-quality ingredients are the key to any great dish.

Tomato Puree with Pulp

We partnered with Paglione, an organic family farm in Northern Puglia to produce this tomato purée. The tomatoes are processed by hand 24 hours after harvest to preserve their natural flavor and aroma. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, without any additives or preservatives. 

Not all dried pasta is created equal

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality dried pasta is by touch. High-quality dried pasta will feel rough to the touch, and will leave a starchy, powder-like residue on your fingers. This starch is the key to cooking great pasta, because it helps the sauce “bind” to the pasta. It is also healthier and easier to digest than processed pasta.

Durum Wheat Semolina Spaghetti

We partnered with a small organic farm in Umbria, Italy. The organic semolina flour used to make the spaghetti is grown naturally in the Umbrian hills and obtained by stone grinding. The pasta is then made using 100% purified water, and then it is slow-dried at low temperatures.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We partnered with a farm in Lazio, Italy, just south of Rome. This olive oil is made using the Itrana olive, which provides a light and delicate flavor profile. Only the highest-quality ingredients are used, without any additives or preservatives.

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